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Donate internet access to underprivileged high-school students.

Give Internet

More than 4 billion people around the world don’t have internet access. In today’s knowledge economy, their chances of success are close to zero. is a nonprofit funding platform that allows you to sponsor monthly internet fees, computers and digital training for high school students in need.

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Success stories

I’ve been using a computer from for 6 months now and my life has improved drastically. I mostly visit Nebula, Wikipedia and Youtube. As I can’t afford private tutoring, I studied by myself for the national exams with the help of the computer. I’m a boxer, so watching boxing matches online helps me improve my technique. As a future rehabilitator, I can also acquire knowledge in this field online.The internet offers access to an infinite amount of information. And in today’s world, knowledge is everything. 

Tamar wants to fight against injustice. “I can never stand idly if I see someone being abused.” She wants to study law and become an investigator or a federal agent. She even considered army service. Now that she has internet access, she does homework online, remotely participates in youth projects and believes that she is now more organized and efficient. She’s keen on psychological and mystery films. Tamar loves interacting with people and believes that the positive emotions that we give out always come back to us.

Iakob is one our first beneficiaries. We are very proud to say that today he’s a successful graphic designer! He taught himself how to use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator online. He became so proficient that our Chromebook was not strong enough to support his work - we had to give him a PC instead. And this is not all! He’s also a car geek. “I find the craftsmanship that goes into repairing machinery very interesting”. Who knows, maybe he’ll become a mechanic next? We’ll support him no matter what!

Mariam is in her final year of high school. Even though everybody has been telling her to pick a vocational career path, she’s certain that psychology is her calling. She’s not sure about which specialty she wants to choose but Mariam has always dreamed of working with children. This year the donated laptop comes especially handy - we’ve given her access to various online courses where she’s prepping for the entrance exams and learning English. Eventually she’ll also apply for a Master’s degree abroad. Good luck, Mariam!

Bagrat is in his final year of high school and is planning to study business and economics and become an auditor or an accountant. He’s studying for the upcoming entrance exams through an online course on his new laptop. He’s learning English online. Bagrat is an introvert and is always more eager to stay at home, read or watch movies than to hang out with his friends. Bagrat also has an interesting hobby - he creates figures out of paper. He’s been learning this on Youtube, but now he’s already creating his own designs.

Eka wants to become an ecologist. She usually keeps herself busy with studies, but whenever she finds the time, she dives into literature on ecology. She plans to study the field academically and make her own contribution. Eka is also a photographer - it wouldn’t surprise you to know that fall is her favorite time of the year for taking pictures - we’re sure her photos are very colorful! She believes that, above all, internet access is helping her raise her consciousness.

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