• About us

GiveInternet.org is a project run by educational foundation Educare Georgia, a non-profit with a mission to bring access to quality education via the internet and other technologies. Learn more


  • What is the fee breakdown and why is there no exact amount needed for each family?

Every family receives our services equally, but the internet and maintenance fees may vary monthly from family to family, reasons being: a) variations in fees per provider, depending on the location (additionally, some providers may offer discounts, so some installations may take place at discounted rates or even for free; discounts may also occur with monthly payments, but overtime these payments normally increase); and b) condition of donated computers varies as well, and maintenance and service fees vary accordingly.

Here is the transperency report where you can see the fee breakdown.


  • Safety

You will only have to enter the card details once; the information will be stored securely on a TBC Bank protected server and we won't have access to it.


  • Why do I have to donate monthly?

Since the internet is an everyday requirement and the fees are paid monthly, it is crucial to have stable, dedicated donors. You will be charged for the first month instantly, and then on 5th of every month. 


  • When will the monthly fee be deducted from my card?

On the first day of each month. If your bank account does not hold sufficient funds or your bank card has expired, the system will keep trying to deduct the amount during the following 15 days. Our team will notify you via email if the transaction is unsuccessful. 


  • How are the kids selected?

Our beneficiaries come from socially vulnerable families. First of all, we select the school kids (year 10-12) on benefits (on government aid). Tserovani Public School is an active participant of the project. We personally make sure that the families in question are the ones in need.


  • Is there a chance that the beneficiaries will lose their social assistance because they have a laptop?

No. According to a document which we’ve created specifically for such cases, the student has the right to use the laptop but it belongs to our organization. Therefore, the Social Security Service cannot cancel their social assistance. 


  • Fee Breakdown

Monthly internet fees per family are around 20-25 GEL, although all the fees, including installation, IT services (to ensure the seamless workings of both hardware and software), computer collection and maintenance come up to around 60-70 GEL monthly.


  • What is the maximum amount that I can donate?

You can donate anywhere between 5 and 2000 USD monthly. 60-70 GEL is enough to support one family.


  • For how long will the project cover the internet costs of a student?

The GiveInternet project covers the internet fees for high school students (grades 10, 11 and 12) for the duration of their studies at school and for an additional year after graduation. As for the laptop, it stays with the beneficiary even after the additional year is up.


  • How soon will the family get access?

Once the donation of 60-70 GEL is received, the family in question will get internet access in 10-14 working days.


  • If I stop donating, how will the student's internet fees be paid?

Do not worry about that. We will make sure that a next donor picks up where you left off.


  • How do I cancel donation or change the donation amount?

Easy: you can always login and cancel your donation by clicking Cancel. If you want to change the amount, simply enter a new amount in the Monthly Donation field in your profile and click Refresh. Starting 1st of next month, the new amount will be charged.


  • If I change my card, will I be charged twice in the same month?

No. If you change your card, or remove your card from the system and replace it with the same or a different one for whatever reason, our system will recognize your name and you will not be charged again. Subsequently, after your first donation, you will only be charged once a month, no matter how many cards. With any new card, for verification purposes, you will be charged 1 GEL, which will be automatically refunded.