Our job doesn’t end with connecting the beneficiaries to the internet! Our team is constantly working to ensure that the students are equipped to use the internet for self-education.

Firstly, we provide our beneficiaries with educational resources. A browser extension in each donated laptop pops up each time they open a new window and offers them a list of our recommended websites. Secondly, Students are introduced to Khan Academy and — the world’s leading free education platforms for learning math, programming, physics, chemistry and other subjects — the content of which was localized into Georgian by Educare Georgia —  our sister organization. Finally, Thanks to our partners, our beneficiaries also have exclusive access to paid resources like Nebula and Lingwing. In total our beneficiaries annually receive 350 GEL worth of material for free as part of our mentoring program.

We maintain constant contact with our beneficiaries, always sending them new educational resources, questionnaires and information. We answer their questions, give them advice and help them grow.