How funds are

The Internet
The price of a basic internet plan in Georgia is 20-25 GEL per month. Each month we transfer 20 GEL into the account of each beneficiary to pay for the fee and the beneficiary is responsible for covering the rest (0-5 GEL). Some regions (especially mountainous villages) do not yet have internet access. In such cases we also provide our students with a Mobile broadband modem.

The Laptop
When it comes to choosing a laptop, we prefer Google Chromebook:
   • It costs less, which means that we can connect more students;
   • Its operating system is Linux-based Chrome OS, which is light-weight, fast, efficient and virus-free;
   • It’s optimized for learning — it easily connects to the internet, has access to educational resources/apps and doesn’t contain distractions.

Administrative Expenses
The maintenance of the project requires administrative expenses — for example, for the process of selecting beneficiaries. Choosing one student means rejecting another, which is why we take the task very seriously: we approach the students’ family members and the representatives of their schools, we collect information through surveys and try to make sure that each beneficiary meets our criteria.