More than four billion people around the world (out of which about a hundred million are high school students) do not have Internet access. In today’s knowledge economy, their chances of economic success or social mobility are close to zero. We strongly believe that bridging the digital divide and increasing internet penetration is the most cost-effective (if not the only) way of making it possible for developing countries to take advantage of the global knowledge and compete effectively.
GiveInternet.org originated in a developing country of Georgia. We have seen first-hand the transformational power of the Internet in improving the quality of life of individuals and communities, in reshaping belief systems, in increasing levels of education and productivity. We see the Internet as a social equalizer and a very cost-effective means of accessing global knowledge. To us, GiveInternet.org is a catalyst in accelerating socio-economic growth and enhancing the livelihoods of entire communities.
By giving high school students internet access, we increase their academic performance, future profits, employability, ICT skills, social capital, productivity, efficiency, health and livelihoods. By removing obstacles and glass ceilings and providing endless opportunities, we motivate them to learn and grow. By boosting internet penetration in an entire region, we increase national incomes and labor productivity, social equality and cohesion.



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